Scott Walker of Cassco Land Company, Inc. spoke to my office last week about the extension of Bellaire Drive South and the plans for developing along it. Construction should begin the first of next year and be complete by 2001.

The street will extend from where it ends now in Overton Woods to Bryant Irvin Rd., a little north of where the streets begins again. In order to avoid cutting through some of the Country Day School land, it will come in to Bryant Irvin about where the little cemetery is, by the Lockheed Martin Recreation area. It will be a six lane boulevard with the only cross street being the new Southwest Parkway, and that will be elevated over Bellaire. There will probably be speed humps all along and a signal light at Bellaire and Ranch View.

From where Bellaire ends now in Overton Woods to the new Parkway is about a quarter of a mile. Development of the 70 acres north of Bellaire, adjacent to Overton Woods, will be single family homes similar in size and price to those in Overton Woods. There will be no connecting streets into the existing Overton Woods, however. Closer to the Parkway, the development will be townhomes or duplexes - no apartments - with a small commercial area by the Parkway.

South of Bellaire and east of the Parkway, the land is very irregular and hilly, offering the possibility of bluff lots for homes comparable to and backing up to those on Briarhaven. Arborlawn will extend from the existing office complex along I 20 to the Parkway, giving easier access to the office areas and to Country Day School.

(April, 1999, No. 14)

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