Many of us have traveled down Berry Street for years and have noticed a sad deterioration of the street, dating from the time it was widened and the head-in parking slots removed. A new group, the Berry Street Initiative, headed by Linda Clark of Kline & Co., Realtors, is well underway with plans to improve and beautify the street. The Goodman Corp. did a study of the area and developed the multi-phased plan.

The plans include a grassy median with trees, two lanes for car traffic on either side of the median and sidewalks with benches in front of the stores. Parking will be in the rear of the commercial area.

There will be three segments: the University section from University St. to Ryan Ave., the Residential section from Ryan Ave. to Hemphill, and the Park section from Hemphill to Evans Ave. The University section will be mostly retail shops and has already begun to improve thanks to some of the renovations TCU has done. The Residential section will have some retail on the street level with two stories above of apartment or lofts, some single family homes and some townhomes, and the Parks section will be mostly park land. All of this will take time since new building will have to take place as existing stores, etc. decide to move or rebuild.

Detailed plans include a theme, signage even to the type of lettering, colors and size. Some of you may remember when Berry was just a gravel road in 1929, leading to the new TCU football stadium. It has undergone many changes through the years, some good, some bad, but with this new plan it should emerge as a real asset to the neighborhood surrounding it and also serve as an attractive entrance to the TCU campus.

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