The latest word on the proposed Southwest Parkway, which the state calls Hwy. 121T, is that it will probably not be open until 2003 at the earliest. This highway will begin at I 30 just east of Forest Park Blvd., continue along south of Vickery, by the railroad tracks, go over the Hulen bridge and continue south between Hulen and Bryant Irvin to Hwy. 1187, then later extend to Hwy. 67 near Cleburne. The toll plaza will be between Montgomery and Hulen, the toll being $1.00. There will be some access to the Parkway that will not require a toll if you enter and exit further south.

The environmental impact study will be done this year. The right-of-way acquisition is scheduled to take one year but will probably take longer. The North Texas Toll Authority will be the builder, a faster project than if the Texas Highway Department did it. The cost of $450,000,000 is furnished half by the state and half by bonds.

From the map furnished by the Transportation and Public Works Dept., it appears that this parkway will not go near enough to any existing residential area to unfavorably impact it. It should relieve the traffic on Hulen and Bryant Irvin considerably.
(April, 1999, No.14)

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