Brentwood Hills is a small neighborhood six miles east of the Fort Worth Central Business District and is included n the 1863 J.E. Brandon Survey and the 1875 D.M. Helms Survey.

Brentwood Hills was named by Roy L. Wise who bought 83 acres in 1954 from Annie and Frances Grant, whose family owned the land since the late 1800's. Mr. Wise combined the name Brent, a California friend of one of the Grant sisters, with a description of the area, resulting in Brentwood Hills

Mr. Wise first considered French names for the streets in the area, but after consultation with the Grant sisters, English names such as Canterbury, Nottingham and Windemere were chosen. Franwood Street was named for Frances Grant, and Grantland Street was a tribute to the Grant family. The Roy L. Wise Development Company laid out the streets, paved Oak Hill Road and built sixty homes during the most active phase. Wise later sold lots in the area to other developers.

The relatively undeveloped land in the southern portion of Brentwood Hills has been owned by A. Brant since 1928.

In 1955 the Texas Turnpike Authority purchased the right of way on the northern edge of this neighborhood to build I-30, the Dallas Turnpike. In 1957, the State of Texas purchased a right of way to the east for the development of East Loop 820.

Stair Road was named after A.M. Stair, an early owner of property just north of Cooke's Lane. In 1962, Stair Road was connected to Brentwood Drive creating Brentwood Stair. In 1972, part of Ederville Road west of Brentwood Hills was also renamed Brentwood Stair.


Brentwood Hills is a heavily wooded, hilly area dominated by brick and masonry homes. Restrictions require that homes be a least 25 percent masonry and contain no less than 900 square feet of living space. Ranch style homes with low-pitched roofs dominate this area. Restrictions include forbidding the raising of livestock, oil drilling, billboards and the production of noxious fumes.


Eastern Hills Elementary, 5917 Shelton St. 817-496-7490

Meadowbrook Middle School, 2001 Ederville Rd. 817-531-6250

High School
Eastern Hills High School, 5701 Shelton St. 817-496-7600

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